Frequently asked questions


What is The Switch?

You can check out all the details of what we are here :

Is this like an escape room?

No, it's a totally different concept! Whilst The Switch involves puzzle solving, our challenges ask you to make moral choices as well as intellectual ones, which influence whether you get further ahead or fall behind.The Switch also involves you with live actors into a story line that's part of your experience!

It says "Secret Rendevouz Point" for the location. What does that mean?

The exact meeting point isn't revealed until tickets are purchased and you download the ticket pack.

Can any one play? Are there are any restrictions?

Anyone 13 years or older can participate in The Switch - so long as you have someone with a car on your team!

If you have any mobility issues, you might want to ask us about the terrain involved in your location. In most cases, there's a bit of open ground to cover for some sections, but this doesn't mean you can't play - it might just mean you'll excell in some other challenges instead! If you have any queries, Talk to us:

Do my friends and I all have to book together to play together?

We thoroughly recommend you book all at once as a team, in one purchase in our ticket shop. You'll get the most out of The Switch that way! You can add players later, but get in touch first so we can make sure they're assigned to your team.

Do you have a better chance of winning if you've got a bigger team?

Nope. A lot of factors go into which team will be the first to find the switch and throw it, but simply having more players on your side isn't one of them. Sometimes it might be an advantage - sometimes it might be a drawback! Everything rides on the choices you make during play.

What do I need to play?

All you need to play The Switch is a fully charged, internet enabled mobile phone and a car* for your team.
You should wear comfy, easy to move in clothing. We also STRONGLY recommend you bring along a pen and notepad to keep track and figure things out. *Car not required in Singapore

Can we drink before playing?

The Switch is alcohol free. Please save the celebratory drinks for toasting your victory after play! Moderators reserve the right to disqualify patrons who are inebriated or behaving inappropriately. This will not warrant a refund.

How do we get the pre-game content?

This varies between chapters and locations but at present, the booking person can expect to receive a text message with further information from The Moderator on the day of your session. As part of play, this player can decide whether or not to share this with their team.

How do I get the location?

The location is on your ticket pack, which must be downloaded as soon as your purchase is completed!


How hard are the puzzles?

Depends whether you're asking about the academic challenges involved or the moral ones! We're confident the moral questions raised during game play will have just about everyone doing some serious soul-searching. (We apologise in advance for the bruised friendships!)

Some puzzles are tough nuts to crack, some not so much. We recommend you have a good mix of backgrounds, skills and brains in your team. Some problems will require a bit of general knowledge, others maybe some simple pattern recognition, maths or word wizardry, and still others lateral thinking. But don't fret - there's more than one way to skin a cat, and The Switch is full of twists and turns that might just let you get around something you can't get through!

What's to stop me using Google to figure out the answers to the puzzles?

Well...nothing really. Except you'll have to live with the choices you've made and you might be suprised what The Moderator knows you're up to. Just because you can't see them doesn't mean they can't see you... can just stay home and do that. For free.

It'll be boring though. Just like it'll be if you breeze through your whole session solving every puzzle with Google...

Can I take pictures and videos during The Switch?

You can take pictures of things you're invited to, but not our puzzles or the Moderator. Selfies and Team Selfies are of course totally fine :)

What if I don't like a decision The Moderator makes?

The Moderator's word is law during The Switch. Their decisions are not up for debate and if you're playing, you've agreed to that. If you refuse to abide by their decisions, The Moderator may suspend you for a penalty time-out or, if they feel you're stopping others from enjoying themselves, disqualify your whole team.

Can I bring children?

The Switch is for players 13 and up - if you have a younger prospective player, please contact us prior to play.

All people on site must have a valid ticket. Children under the age of 10 and infants are strictly not permitted.

How does the game start?

Gameplay starts with an opening address from the Moderator at the meeting point. Your entire team must check in with The Moderator before your session begins. Failure to check in will prohibit your gameplay from beginning.
Latecomers may be able to join, but this is at the discretion of The Moderator.

How does The Moderator communicate during play?

The Moderator will communicate via text message. Participants must reply within a reasonable timeframe. If players stop responding, Moderators reserve the right to cease further communication.
If, for any reason, your team is no longer able to participate, please let The Moderator know.

What happens if I get disqualified?

If you or one of your players is disqualified, you will no longer be able to participate in THE SWITCH. The Moderator reserves the right to disqualify any team that does not play within the stated guidelines - this will not entitle a refund.

What happens if it rains?

In most weather conditions, The Switch will go ahead. However, if the weather becomes unsafe, Moderators reserve the right to postpone a session at any time. In the event of a cancellation, patrons will be texted a notification and subsequently contacted via email to organise a re-booking. As this is a rare occurrence, and The Switch plays all over the country reguarly, all tickets will be moved to another date. If your desired date is not available, you will receive a credit note for futur use.

Do I need my ticket pack with me?

Nope! Simply confirm the name and phone number of the booking person with the Moderator upon arrival.

Since it's outdoors, can I bring my dog with me?

Absolutely not. We love dogs as much as you, however, animals are not permitted during gameplay, with the exception of service animals. If you bring a pet onsite with you, you may be asked to leave. A reminder that animals should not be left unattended in a vehicle.

I'm lost/confused / I can't find what I'm looking for - what do I do?

TELL YOUR MODERATOR! The Moderator is there to assist you and is available to communicate via text whenever you are at a different location.
If you need assistance in any way, please let your Moderator know so they can advise you what to do next. The Switch accepts no responsibility for teams missing challenges/content if teams have failed to notify the Moderator of any issue with gameplay.

How many challenges are there?

That depends. THE SWITCH sessions run for up to 90 minutes - from the start of your session, you have 90 minutes to Find The Switch. The quicker you are, the more challenges you'll be able to get to before reaching the final sprint. For teams that move slowly, they may miss out on challenges other teams are participating in OR have fewer challenges in total. Remember, it is a race - if you don't keep up, you might miss out.

Are there any extra rules?

Rules of play are outlined in the terms and conditions of purchase and re-iterated by The Moderator at the beginning of your session. The Department expects all players to use common sense when approaching challenges. Including, but not limited to: following local road law, treating The Moderator and other teams respectfully and using puzzles/items as intended. The Moderator reserves the right to disqualify any team that does not play within the stated guidelines - this will not entitle a refund.

Since it's outdoors, can I smoke?

For the health and safety of all people onsite and in consideration of our Australian flora and fauna, FIND THE SWITCH is a smoke-free event. We ask all patrons to refrain from smoking in the play areas, including check-in.


Can I change the date or time of my session once I've booked it?

All session bookings are final at the time of purchase. The Switch is all about you, the players, and we need to be sure who's playing for you to get the most out of your session.

How do I get my tickets?

Your tickets are avaialble to download as soon you've completed purchase! Simply download the PDF for the meeting point and the Moderator will be in touch via text before your session.

What happens if my session is rebooked?

If your show is postponed or we've been able to accomodate your request to change, your team will be rebooked to another date. Re-bookings are subject to the same terms of purchase as the original booking and cannot be transferred again. Failure to attend voids the purchase and will not entitle an additional re-booking.

Can I play on my own?

Unfortunately, The Switch is not currently equipped for single players.

How do I contact you?

Find The Switch customer service is 100% online - we do not operate a phone service. You can reach us via email and Facebook Messenger.

In the lead up to and during your session, your Moderator will contact you vie text message.

What if my team is the only one booked?

No problem! The Switch is a unique experience that can be played with lots of teams or just one - you're guaranteed an awesome time either way.

We may get in touch with you on the day of your session to let you know, as you have a few options:
- You can play as a single team and race the Moderator to Find the Switch
- You may be able to move to another session if that suits your crew
- Or your team can split up and verse one another - especially fun for our ultra-competitive mates!

No matter which you pick, you are guaranteed the same challenges/content, which means a refund is not applicable.


How are tickets delivered?

All tickets for The Switch are downloadable files. Theses ticket packs contain the location of your show. PLEASE ENSURE YOU DOWNLOAD YOUR TICKET PACK AFTER PURCHASE. Non-attendance due to not downloading your ticket pack will not occasion a refund.

All session bookings are final at the time of purchase. Please choose carefully, as we don't refund for wrong choice/change of mind.

To ensure a fair service to all of our customers, Find The Switch is proud to stand by our Terms and Conditions at all times. This means that your booking is final and cannot be re-sold, swapped or transferred. Find The Switch reserves the right to ask for Photo I.D at check-in to confirm the legal ticketholder.

Bookings are as a team, all in one purchase. If you need to add more players later, email us and we'll help you out.

Our recommended maximum per team is 8 players – please contact us if you need more!

In the unlikely event that circumstances beyond our control means we have to cancel your booked session, we'll sort you out with a new session date and time.

If you are unable to re-book a session on our current schedule, you’ll be issued a voucher to use for future bookings.

Failure to check in with the Moderator at your booked session voids your ticket.

All team members must be present at the starting location and have confirmed arrival and contact information with the Moderator. Failure to do so will result in being unable to partake in gameplay.

Wear comfortable, easy to move in clothing and closed footwear. Some challenges will require you to walk (or run if you want to get ahead!) short distances.

For your safety, heels are not permitted.

You must bring your own fully charged, internet enabled smart phone to fully participate. If you do not have one, someone on your team must.

You will require your phone for text messaging, navigation and internet search.

You require a car to participate, one per team. (Or two if your team's too big for one car!)

If you’re travelling in more than one vehicle, be aware that the first car to arrive will be what count towards your final score and gameplay will begin as soon as your first player arrives.

The Moderator's decisions during play are final and all players are require to follow their instructions at all times during the session.

All players are expected to communicate respectfully and behave in an appropriate fashion. As acting agents for Find The Switch, Moderators reserve the right to penalise or disqualify players/teams who behave inappropriately.

The Switch is alcohol-free - you need a clear head to tackle what's ahead of you and you're going to be driving, so save the celebratory drinks until you're sessions done and you're ready to toast your victory!

Alcohol is strictly not permitted onsite. As acting agents for Find The Switch, Moderators reserve the right to deny entry to players who carry alcohol or appear inebriated.

The Switch goes ahead rain or shine! Dress appropriately - some challenges will require you to be outside and there may not always be full cover.

An umbrella is recommended in wet weather!

The Switch requires responsible play. You must of course stay within the law at all times - including road rules like speed limits - and we are not responsible for anything you decide to do outside of those laws. Be aware that all elements of The Switch are timed, and if you get to the next location so early that you can only have broken the speed limit to do so, you'll be penalised, not praised.

This includes unsafe take-off and return. The Moderators are always watching...